Yulia Rhumba Performance at Dance Passion ConnectionDance Passion Connection is a site about Dance, a dance of life!

Dance is more than just movement. It is also a state of being. A life lived within the state of dance is a continuous, ongoing romance between yourself and your world. Dance is connection to life itself – life’s creative expression moving through us.
When we open ourselves to dance, we allow life’s force to flow through us more fully. In this experience we feel more connected, passionate and alive.

Passionate About Dance

My passion is helping people discover the dance inside themselves and bringing it into full expression. Whether you are beginner or a seasoned competitor, or at any level in between, my goal is twofold: to help you uncover the dancer within and to give you the skills to enable that dancer full and joyous expression.

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When we dance there is  silence within us,

it is you and I embraced by somebody else

The room opens up  into the vastness

Boundaries melt with the rhythm of our hearts

Doing or going somewhere is ceasing

We have arrived into sacred embrace

and I sense somebody else

Ying and yang of two hearts

merging into  into wholeness with us,

Infinity dancing with us expressing in ocho

The wraps are entwining connection with legs

We are having a relaxed conversation with each other

So much for this loving connection we yearn for everywhere else.

The embrace reveals the silence of communion,
it is you and I embraced, not only by each other, but by another previously unknown.
The milonga fades into the distance;
as our hearts take on the rhythm of the tango,
boundaries melt, trying ceases, doing or not doing passes away; there is only being.

We dance with infinity expressed in ochos, sacadas and molenetas.
Each leg wrap is an entwining of not just legs; but hearts.

We relax into the music, the embrace, the Tango.  The lead and follow, give and take flow faster and clearer.  It is like a conversation with a trusted friend.  A voice in my heart longs to feel this embrace with all that is.

We are embraced by the sacred, the unifying forces.  Ying and yang are merged into one-us.

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Dance Passion Connection

May 2021

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